Intel’s new processors can only perform best when using Windows 11 systems

Intel’s new processors only support Windows 11, just as Windows 11 only supports Intel’s newer processors. Last night Intel announced the use of big.LITTLE architecture Alder Lake processors, these processors also only support the best performance on Windows 11.

Alder Lake is Intel’s first high-performance mixed-architecture processor, which includes an efficient-core and a performance-core and can be called according to demand.

According to Intel, the efficient-core core architecture is designed to improve throughput efficiency and efficient background multitasking, and it can run at low voltage and improve performance.

This can be used in environments that are very demanding on workloads to increase processor frequency and performance and at the same time reduce processor power consumption.

The performance core is designed for speed. Intel said this is the highest-performance processor core built by the company, breaking the limits of low latency and single-threaded performance.

This can better support large-scale applications that require performance. Intel claims that this core is about 19% higher than the performance of the lower 11-generation core processors.

Intel said:

To enable this high level of coordination that improves real-world performance, Intel has partnered with Microsoft to incorporate this revolutionary capability into the next version of Windows 11.

Microsoft said:

Throughout the development cycle of Windows 11, my team worked with our colleagues at Intel to update and optimize our next operating system to make the most of the Performance Hybrid architecture and Thread Director in particular.
With Thread Director feedback, the Windows 11 thread scheduler is much smarter in dynamically choosing the most appropriate core based on the workload to get the best power and performance.

Via: mspoweruser