ASUS Z690 & ROG Maximus XIV LGA 1700 Motherboards For Intel Alder Lake CPUs Leak

According to Intel’s statement at CES 2021, users will be able to see Alder Lake processors within this year. Since the new architecture will cover both mobile and desktop platforms, it is not known which platform Intel will launch first. Alder Lake processors have been confirmed. It will support DDR5 memory, so it is inevitable to change the interface. The new generation of desktop platforms will be upgraded to the LGA 1700 interface, and the matching motherboard will naturally be upgraded to the Intel 600 series.

In the upgrade log of the HWiNFO v7.03-4460 Beta version, the memory controller Gear mode of the Alder Lake processor has been mentioned, but I don’t know if it has changed compared with the current Rocket Lake. The Gear 1 mode runs the memory frequency and memory controller frequency in 1:1 sync, while the Gear 2 mode runs them at 1:2, but after Alder Lake introduced DDR5 memory support, I don’t know if there is any new mode added.

In addition, the Hwinfo changelog also mentions the ASUS Z690 motherboard and ROG Maximus XIV LGA 1700 motherboards. This is the first time I have seen the news about the Z690 motherboard. the Intel 600 series will support both DDR5 and DDR4 memory. As for PCI-E 5.0, it is unclear whether it is really available. ASUS’ flagship and high-end Z690 motherboards will be equipped with DDR5 memory sockets, while the low-end and mid-range continue to use DDR4 memory. As for whether there will be motherboards with DDR5 and DDR4 sockets mixed and matched, I don’t know. There are many such motherboards during the transition period between DDR2 and DDR3, but it becomes very few when DDR3 and DDR4 transition.

Alder Lake will use the Enhanced 10nm SuperFin process, using the large and small core design practiced on Lakefield, which is a combination of the Golden Cove large core and the Gracemont small core.