AMD applied for a patent for its own processor’s hybrid architecture technology

Later this year, Intel will launch Alder Lake processors on desktop and mobile platforms. For ordinary consumers, they will be exposed to Intel’s hybrid architecture technology for the first time. The new processor will be a large and small core structure, which is the so-called big.LITTLE architecture. The hybrid architecture technology comes from Arm and has now evolved into DynamIQ architecture.

Although it has been used on small mobile devices for many years, it is so sensitive to the power supply for computers. There are rumors that Microsoft’s next-generation Windows operating system will provide a new task scheduling method for this architecture technology, so the schedule is consistent with the release of the Alder Lake processor.

Recently, a Twitter user @Kepler_L2 discovered that AMD submitted a new patent application in December 2019, which details the task allocation logic between different types of cores in heterogeneous processors.
Earlier news pointed out that its product with a hybrid architecture is the APU code-named Strix Point, which will use the big.LITTLE architecture like Intel Alder Lake, with 8 large cores and 4 small cores. The large core will use the Zen 5 architecture, and the small core will be the Zen 4D architecture, which is manufactured using a 3nm process and belongs to the Ryzen 8000(G) series