DDR5 is expected to surpass DDR4 in 2023 market share

Later this year, as Intel launches Alder Lake processors on desktop and mobile platforms, ordinary consumers will meet with a new generation of DDR5 memory. AMD is likely to launch a new generation of AM5 platforms next year, which will also use DDR5 memory. In the past few months, many memory manufacturers have revealed the development of their DDR5 memory, and they have been very active. DDR5 memory is a major upgrade of DDR4 memory, the bandwidth will be doubled, and the capacity will be significantly increased, and the operating voltage will be lower and the reliability will be higher.

Image: MicroNews

According to a report by TomsHardware, a report by the French market research company Yole Developpement shows that the transition from DDR4 to DDR5 memory will be very rapid. The large-scale application of DDR5 memory will start in the server and enterprise markets in 2022. By 2023, DDR5 memory will be widely adopted in the mainstream consumer market. Whether it is a desktop computer, a notebook computer, or a mobile phone, it will make full use of the new generation of memory technology. DDR5 memory will surpass DDR4 memory in 2023 shipments, and there will be a rapid transition between the two memory technologies.

Thanks to the server market, the utilization rate of DDR5 memory will increase by 25% in 2022. By 2023, the market share of DDR5 memory will exceed 50%. From 2024 to 2026, as DDR5 memory is fully adopted in various markets, the market share of DDR4 memory will only be 5%. The rapid advancement of DDR5 memory is accelerated by the huge demand. Yole Developpement estimates that the DRAM market is worth $120 billion and the NAND market is $68 billion, both of which have created record highs. The strong market demand will continue until 2026 when the price of the memory market will reach more than $200 billion.