Microsoft will launch the Xbox Mini Fridge

When Microsoft announced the new generation of game console Xbox Series X last year, many netizens complained that its shape was not very good, and it was too much like a refrigerator. In April of this year, in a fan support event on Twitter, Microsoft promised that if Xbox wins, it will make Xbox Mini Fridge a reality. Since the news was released on April 1, many people thought it might be Microsoft’s “April Fools’ Day joke.” But Microsoft is fulfilling its promise, which also makes many users feel excited.

Microsoft said that Xbox Mini Fridge will become “the most powerful mini refrigerator in the world”, with Xbox Velocity Cooling Architecture, which can cool all canned drinks. According to the official video released by Microsoft, the Xbox Mini Fridge has the same black paint as the Xbox Series X, and it flashes green when opened. It can hold about 10 cans of 330ml soda inside.

Microsoft has not disclosed the specific price and time to market of the Xbox Mini Fridge, but Microsoft is inviting users to participate in the “Xbox and chill” in 2021, and it is expected to officially launch this product in November or December.

In any case, the friendly interaction between Microsoft and users this time will definitely increase the goodwill of many players.