The rendering of AMD Zen 4 architecture processor codenamed Raphael is exposed

Recently, news about AMD’s new generation of AM5 sockets continues, so that everyone gradually learns more detailed information. The socket type of AM5 will be changed from PGA to LGA, there will be 1718 pins, the original 40×40 mm size of AM4 socket is retained, and the contact distribution diagram of the processor using the LGA 1718 socket is also available.

Recently, Twitter user @ExecuFix has further exposed the rendering of the Ryzen processor code-named Raphael, which allows us to understand the general appearance of this Zen 4 architecture desktop processor. Judging from the rendering, it has a relatively square appearance, and its overall changes are relatively large. The shape of the integrated heat sink (IHS) is a bit clumsy, and there will be two gaps on each side. It is not clear why such a design is used. What is the role?

In addition to adopting a new generation of Zen 4 architecture and AMD sockets, Raphael will use TSMC’s 5nm process to manufacture, and IOD will use a 6nm process, integrated RDNA 2 architecture core, provide 28 PCIe Gen4 channels, support dual-channel DDR5-5200, may support native USB 4.0 interface, TDP is between 105W-120W, the highest version can be configured 170W, and provide a frequency of about 5GHz.