Xiaomi announced 200W power fast charging technology

Recently, Xiaomi introduces Hyper Charge fast charging technology, actually up to 200W wired charging power. In the past, Xiaomi was still very aggressive in fast charging technology, it was the first to announce the 100W super fast charging.

Qualcomm did not launch the QC 5 technology that supports 100W until July last year, but the fast charge of 200W power this time is still very exaggerated. After all, the 65W power mentioned above has not yet become mainstream, and 100W is not much actually used. Now, this set of fast charging technology that doubles the charging power of today’s notebook PD can be regarded as shocking everyone’s chin.

According to the video released by Xiaomi, a 200W fast charge can make a prototype equipped with a 4000mAh battery charge from 2% to 50% in only 5 minutes, and it takes only 8 minutes to fully charge to 100%, which is a terrifying speed. During the period from 2% to 30%, the high power can be maintained close to 200W, and it will not start to drop to about 150W until 60%, and above 90%, there can still be high power of more than 100W.

As for when the mass-produced machine will be used, Xiaomi did not disclose it. In addition, Xiaomi also announced wireless charging up to 120W at the same time, It only takes 16 minutes to fully charge from 2% to 100%, which is much faster than today’s mainstream wired methods. Although it is only limited to technical demonstrations, at least we can see how higher the charging speed of mobile phones can go. It is still very exciting.