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Global Smartphone Brands

From 720 to 250: The Drastic Decline of Global Smartphone Brands

Market research firm Counterpoint revealed that in 2017, over 720 smartphone brands were operating in more than 70 countries worldwide. However, by 2023, this number dwindled to fewer than 250. Counterpoint’s analysis suggests that...

China's PC market

In 2023Q2, China’s PC market shipments fell by 19%

Recently, market research firm Canalys unveiled its latest quarterly PC tracking data, revealing that in the second quarter of 2023, shipments in mainland China’s PC market—which encompasses desktops, laptops, and workstations—saw a year-on-year decline...

Xiaomi fund transer Indian government

Xiaomi starts making smartphones in Vietnam

Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi has started manufacturing smartphones in Vietnam, including circuit boards and many other components. Does this mean that Xiaomi is shifting the production chain to Vietnam? Xiaomi responded that it was...