Xiaomi phones in Cuba and other places are banned

Xiaomi mobile phones in some areas have been remotely locked and disabled recently, and a prompt appears on the screen saying that according to Xiaomi’s policy, sales or use in certain areas is not allowed.

The countries or regions involved are mainly Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, and Crimea. The common feature of these places is that they have been sanctioned by the United States.

It is worth noting that the relevant Xiaomi agreement also mentions that its products cannot be exported to any country and region subject to export control laws, and the region name is indicated.

Therefore, according to the Xiaomi agreement, there is no problem with Xiaomi’s sudden remote activation of the blockade mechanism recently, but why did Xiaomi suddenly activate the blockade at this time?

Xiaomi phone ban

Some Xiaomi models are still popular in the countries sanctioned by the United States, especially in Cuba, although Xiaomi does not have an official organization, there are still many users.

At least in these countries or regions sanctioned by the United States, it is no problem to use Xiaomi mobile phones. Of course, these Xiaomi devices may be imported through informal channels.

Because in accordance with the US export control regulations, without the approval of the US, providing transactions to the above-mentioned sanctioned areas is a violation and may be punished.

The media reported that the recent lockout mechanism for Xiaomi’s remote activation should have started in September, and users in relevant areas were directly locked remotely without receiving any warning.

This may be judged and blocked based on network and location information. The main cause of controversy is that Xiaomi has not blocked it through this mechanism for many years.

On Twitter, many Cuban users initiated the topic of unlocking Xiaomi, but according to the latest news, Xiaomi has unlocked these locked devices again.

Via: xiaomitoday