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GDDR6 Prices

GDDR6 Prices Keep Falling

In the preceding few months, the demand for graphics cards has markedly diminished, combined with the elevated inventory levels of storage, inducing a consistent plunge in the prices of GDDR6. For GPU manufacturers such...

Micron 48GB DDR5

Micron to cut DRAM and NAND output

Micron’s production of 3D NAND and DRAM has dropped by about 20% in the fourth fiscal quarter of fiscal 2022 (ending September 1, 2022) due to rapidly declining demand for memory and falling prices....

DRAM prices 2022Q3

DRAM prices are expected to drop in 2022Q3

According to the latest survey report by TrendForce, DDR5 penetration is currently rising, but weak electronics demand in the third quarter of 2022 due to multiple headwinds may affect overall DRAM inventory. TrendForce expects...