Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

T-Mobile leaks over 2 million customer data

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T-Mobile is a multinational mobile phone operator. It is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom and belongs to the Freemove Alliance. T-Mobile operates GSM networks in Western Europe and the United States and participates in network operations in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia through financial means. With 109 million users, the company is one of the world’s largest mobile phone companies.
In fact, a data breach occurred in June 2016, when an employee of T-Mobile stole more than 1.5 million customer records in the T-Mobile Czech Republic in order to sell for profit and eventually introduced the police of the Czech Republic. Intervene in the investigation. But the company said the data breach was stolen by one of the employees who was caught while trying to sell the data.
T-Mobile revealed on Thursday night that after a hacker gains access to his system, the personal information of a “small portion” of the customer was stolen. According to the company, the attacker could not access the payment data, social security numbers (SSN) or password. However, they may have stolen personal information such as name, billing zip code, phone number, email address, account number and account type. Affected customers will receive notification from the company. T-Mobile’s security team discovered a data breach on August 20 and took action. The company said that the incident was also reported to the authorities
T-Mobile’s public statement did not provide additional details about the incident, but representatives of the company said the data breach was affecting about 3% of its 77 million customers, or about 2.3 million.
Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of High-Tech Bridge, said: “This security incident favourably stands out among many others by prompt detection and transparent disclosure. Many of the recent data breaches, including the most disastrous ones, were discovered weeks ago but then announced months after the occurrence. T-Mobile serves as a laudable example of prompt incident response. This, however, does not absolve them from accountability for the breach and further cybersecurity enhancement to prevent similar incidents in the future.”
The news about the leakage of user data from telecom operators in foreign countries, although not in close interest to most of us around us, we have to think about whether our data is safe in our telecommunications companies. Nowadays, the informationization has developed to the point where our personal information may be leaked at any time. I believe that almost everyone who uses a mobile phone is harassed by different strange phones or harassed by fraudsters. I can imagine that our personal information is actually in this. In society, different levels of leakage have been revealed from different channels, and some people may be used only for advertising, some for fraud, and some even for promoting some violations of laws and regulations.

Therefore, living in a modern society, we cannot return to the era when the information on slash-and-burn fire was extremely underdeveloped. We only have to face our real society bravely. Under the management of relevant national laws and regulations, the use of information can also be based on the law. The regulations safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of individuals and cooperate with relevant authorities to better manage network security and make our network space more clear and clean.