Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

StatCounter August OS market share: Android drop, iOS rise

1 min read

Website traffic monitoring agency StatCounter announced market share data for August, this time we pay attention to the situation of cross-platform operating systems.

The data shows that Android ranks first with 41.66%, and Windows is no doubt behind it. It seems that iOS has risen from 12.82% in July to 13.5%, but it is still a little far from Android. Linux only accounted for 0.77%, which was the same as the previous month.

Below is the trend graph of the top operating systems since the first anniversary. From this, we can see that compared to the previous month, Android accounted for a decline, while iOS is on the rise.

StatCounter is a website traffic monitoring agency that provides a powerful real-time traffic monitoring solution. After users register for the StatCounter service, they will receive HTML and Javascript code for a web page. Just embed the code in the web page and have traffic to access the web page. It will be recorded. Each month, StatCounter aggregates and publishes global traffic information collected about usage scenarios such as browsers, operating systems, search engines, and social media.