SilverStone Launches ALTA F2 Case

SilverStone has announced the launch of the ALTA F2 full-tower case. Touted as a flagship gaming PC case, the ALTA F2 boasts a unique internal layout designed to maximize component cooling efficiency through the chimney effect. SilverStone asserts that the case’s interior space has been meticulously engineered, with a 90° rotatable motherboard tray that positions the I/O towards the top of the case. Equipped with three Air Penetrator 184i PRO fans situated in parallel at the bottom, the case draws air from the base and, in conjunction with the constructed vertical air duct, effortlessly intakes copious airflow, circulating it throughout nearly every internal location and preventing thermal dead zones.

Users have three options for securing the graphics card orientation: the first is to directly install it onto the motherboard with the I/O facing upwards; the second is to rotate it so that while the I/O still faces upwards, the fan vents face the side panel; and the third and most distinctive orientation involves directing the I/O towards the rear at an 11.3° sideways tilt.

The ALTA F2 case measures 261mm x 576mm x 658mm and weighs 21.14kg, accommodating XL-ATX and SSI-EEB motherboards. The front I/O configuration includes one USB Type-C port, four USB 3.0 ports, and audio and microphone jacks.

The case provides space for up to eight 3.5-inch hard drives or eleven 2.5-inch hard drives; it also features 9+4+4 PCI expansion slots in various positions and orientations. The case supports a maximum CPU cooler height of 205mm, graphics card lengths of 354mm (vertical) and 604mm (horizontal with the front hard drive cage removed), a width limit of 209mm, as well as a power supply length limit of 220mm. The case is also compatible with dual power supplies, although no expansion cards can be installed in the rear position in this configuration.

In terms of cooling fan placement, the front position can accommodate two 120/140mm fans and supports 120/140/240/280mm radiators; the top position can house two 120mm or one 140mm fan, and supports 120/140/240/280/360/480mm radiators; the bottom position comes pre-installed with three Air Penetrator 184i PRO fans and supports 120/140/240/280/360/480mm radiators, with the maximum radiator size extending up to 560mm.

The ALTA F2 case will debut in the Asian market next week, with a North American release scheduled for mid-May and a European launch slated for the end of May. Prices will vary slightly between regions, ranging from approximately $900 to $1,000.