Phanteks shows NV5 & NV9 series chassis and new Revolt power supply

Phanteks graced Computex 2023 with a plethora of novel chassis, encompassing the latest NV9 and NV5 series, accompanied by a particularly intriguing Revolt power supply. This power supply doesn’t come with any cords, permitting customers to select the cables they require from either Phanteks or CableMod.

According to TechPowerup, this Revolt power supply is a collaborative product of Phanteks and CableMod. Complying with ATX 3.0 specifications and manufactured by Sea Sonic, the power supply’s quality needn’t be a cause for concern. No power cords are included in the shipment, as Phanteks and CableMod have collaborated to design custom cords, allowing users to select based on their system build requirements.

It is understood that the new power supply will be available in August, offering three choices of rated power: 1000W, 1200W, and 1600W. The suggested retail prices are $199.99, $249.99, and $399.99 respectively. The 1000W and 1200W models offer a choice between black and white color schemes, whereas the 1600W model is available only in black. By the end of July, CableMod will begin pre-ordering related cords.

Phanteks NV5 chassis

Two months prior, Phanteks launched the brand-new NV7 series cases, and now they’ve introduced the larger NV9 series. This series focuses on building an appropriate structure centered around the motherboard, enabling various combinations of different components within a large, multi-faceted framework. It strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics and utility. The NV9 series can support E-ATX motherboards, and up to three 420mm water coolers, and also provides new graphics card brackets and other accessories. Available in black and white, it is expected to be available in October, with a suggested retail price of $299.99.

In contrast to the larger-focused NV9 series, the NV5 series falls under mid-tower cases, appealing to those who admire the NV7 series but find it too large or expensive. It carries the same design elements but in a more compact package. It can accommodate a 360mm water cooler on top and supports ATX motherboards. Expected to be available in August, the suggested retail price for both black and white models is $129.99.