November 24, 2020

Opera browser version 55 officially released

1 min read

Opera Software promotes the stable channel based on the Opera 55 Chromium web browser to all supported platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux. Opera 55 is now the most stable version of Chromium-based and cross-platform web browsers, adding another layer of improvements and new features: installing the Google Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store, when users access the extensions Web store A new “Install Extensions” button will appear at the top of the page.

It should be noted that some extensions are not fully supported in Opera. At this time, the browser will prompt to confirm its compatibility. After installing the online store extension, the Chrome Web Store icon will be displayed in the address and search bar.

Another highlight of the Opera 55 release is the new “Settings” page, which has been reorganised into four sections, including basics, privacy and security, features and browsers,  make it easier for new and existing users to configure their web browsers

One of the coolest new features of the improved Settings page is that it now also supports dark themes. The Opera 55 web browser’s “Site Settings” button is set in a prominent location to display all security and content information about the web page, helping users to understand better what kind of website they are visiting.