Octopath Traveler II will be released on the Xbox platform early next year

At the Xbox Tokyo Game Show presentation today, Microsoft heralded that Square Enix’s esteemed “Octopath Traveler II” will grace the Xbox platform. Additionally, it will be available in the Windows Store, though an exact release date remains under wraps, and its Xbox Game Pass availability is yet to be ascertained.

“Octopath Traveler II”, a collaborative role-playing masterpiece developed by Square Enix and ACQUIRE, is the anticipated sequel to the 2018 release, “Octopath Traveler”. It boasts an entirely new ensemble of characters and settings, utilizing a blend of pixelated designs and 3DCG, termed “HD-2D” visuals. The narrative unfolds on the continent of Sorisutia, an era brimming with burgeoning steam technologies and ceaseless inventions. Players will step into the shoes of one of eight travelers, each distinct in their backgrounds and skills yet united by their quests, embarking on their respective journeys.

Within the game, quests are bifurcated into main and side missions. As the main narrative unravels, a plethora of side quests become available. However, with the progression of the story, some side quests might eclipse their timeframe, becoming unattainable. Embracing a classic side-scrolling turn-based combat system, each adversary in the game possesses unique vulnerabilities. By depleting an enemy’s shield points to zero, they enter a “break” state. Players must harness an array of weapons, tools, and skills to triumph over foes, earning experience points and myriad resources to continually augment their prowess.

“Octopath Traveler II” was released on February 24, 2023, for PC, PlayStation 4/5, and the Nintendo Switch platform.