Sony PlayStation 5 sales surge in Europe

Sony unveiled its financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2023 last month, indicating that the global cumulative sales of the PlayStation 5 console had reached a commendable 41.7 million units as of June 30, 2023. During that quarter, 3.3 million units were sold, marking a robust 37.5% year-on-year increase from the 2.4 million units sold in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2022. Indeed, since the latter half of the previous year, the PlayStation 5 has been witnessing a meteoric sales trajectory, rendering previous supply shortages a relic of the past.

Christopher Dring, the lead at, asserted that after obtaining August’s sales data for the European region, the PlayStation 5 console’s sales have surged almost 200% year-on-year – an astonishing growth margin. Earlier reports hinted at a month-on-month sales increase of 42% for the PlayStation 5 console last month, and the UK has seen approximately a 60% rise in sales since the beginning of the year.

Last month, industry analysis firm Circana posited that the sales of the PlayStation 5 console are ascending in tandem with the burgeoning supply. When juxtaposed with the sales of the PlayStation 4 during the same timeframe, the PlayStation 5 has outperformed it by 5% and has dwarfed the PlayStation 3’s sales by a staggering 87%. Conversely, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S sales during the same period still lag behind its predecessor, the Xbox One, by about 10% and barely surpass the Xbox 360 by a mere 6%.

Capitalizing on the formidable sales momentum of the PlayStation 5, Sony emerged as AMD’s premier client last year, accounting for a substantial 16% of the latter’s revenue. With the PlayStation 5’s continued dominance this year, this bodes well for AMD. Amidst the semiconductor industry’s prevailing doldrums, at least its gaming division can rely on a consistent revenue stream.