Netflix officially launches game service via App Store

Netflix’s game subscription service has been officially launched on the Android platform. As for the implementation on the iOS platform, different from the previously mentioned game subscription service provided by its own video streaming application, Netflix will provide game services through the App Store.
Netflix officially launched its game subscription service a few days ago. Users who are Netflix members can already play these games on the Android platform. It may take several months for users on the iOS platform to use this service, and unlike the Android platform that downloads games from the Netflix app, iOS users may need to download the game separately from the App Store.

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And now there is news that Netflix will release its games through the App Store. Although like the Android platform, users can launch games from within the Netflix app, the app itself does not provide game downloads.

The App Store currently has very strict regulations on downloading applications. Any application or game can only be downloaded from the App Store, and any application that provides application download services cannot be listed on the App Store, therefore, if Netflix can only put the games on the App Store one by one for users to download.
Bloomberg’s analysis pointed out Although Netflix can use this method to promote game services on the iOS platform, this is not the best choice for their game business, because most users will want to have an All in One application, which is the Netflix app can download and start the game at the same time. But if you want to do this, then Netflix can only hope that Apple can make an exception (very unlikely), or provide the game to users in the cloud.