OneDrive desktop application for business will continue to support Win 8.1 and 7

Last week, Microsoft issued an announcement announcing that OneDrive no longer supports Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7, which means that users who want to use the OneDrive desktop application must at least upgrade the Windows 10 system, otherwise the installed OneDrive desktop application will not support file synchronization.
Specifically, from January 1, 2022, the OneDrive desktop application for Windows 8.1 and below will no longer receive features or security updates. As of March 1, 2022, OneDrive will no longer support the cloud synchronization function.  As an alternative, if users cannot upgrade the system, they can only use the web version of OneDrive.
OneDriver shared shortcut
This product support announcement has caused many corporate IT administrators to worry because the use of old operating systems in corporate environments is a common phenomenon. If the OneDrive desktop app cannot be used, it may affect some companies. For this reason, Microsoft issued an announcement to clarify the previous support announcement.

If you are using the OneDrive desktop application for business, starting January 1, 2022, support for this application will be aligned with the Windows support lifecycle.

Note: Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are in extended support until January 10, 2023. Windows 8 reached end of support on January 12, 2016.