Microsoft Office suite already supports the WEBP image format

.WebP is an open and free network image format led by Google. Its core encoding comes from VP8, which also supports WebP pictures and WebM videos.

The pursuit of this image format is not lossless image quality, but to compress the image volume as much as possible but also minimize the loss of sharpness when the image quality is lossy.

The main purpose of Google’s funding and development of the image format is to save network bandwidth and reduce traffic charges without affecting the definition.

At present, browsers including Google, Microsoft, Firefox, and Apple Safari have all supported this image format, and now the Microsoft Office software suite also provides support for this.

Microsoft Office WEBP image

Microsoft recently released Office Insider Preview Build 14326.20004 to beta users. This version includes some new features and bug fixes.

The new feature is to support WebP image format, currently supported packages include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook mail client.

After updating this version, users only need to click Insert Image to select the image file in WebP format. Such image format can also be displayed normally when used.

More software from Microsoft in the future will support this image format to facilitate the user to insert the image, without the need for the user to convert the downloaded WebP to other formats and then insert it.