Microsoft adds password manager feature to Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft adds password manager feature to Microsoft Authenticator

Last week, we have mentioned that Microsoft is testing the password manager in the Microsoft Authenticator app for the Android version, which can fill in the synchronized password in any Android browser.

Now, this feature has been provided to all users after preliminary testing, but currently this feature is still available to Android and Apple users in test form.

After users update to the latest version of the Microsoft Authenticator app, they can go to Settings => Beta => Autofil option to enable this function.

For users, this is actually a free full-featured password manager, because the Microsoft Authenticator app itself also supports multi-factor authentication and cross-platform functions.

Microsoft Authenticator Edge sync support

For now, Microsoft Authenticator can automatically synchronize the account and password of the Microsoft Edge browser, but do you think it only supports Microsoft’s own browser?

Actually not, because Microsoft is also launching an extension called Autofill in the Google Chrome Web Store, which also supports the synchronization of account passwords.

This means that no matter you use the Chromium series browser on the desktop platform, you can synchronize the password, and then synchronize it to any browser on the mobile terminal for filling.

In essence, what Microsoft does is a password manager, which can help users generate, manage, and synchronize account passwords.

The password management function of Microsoft Authenticator supports iOS 12.0+ and Android 6.0+. You can use this function after installing the latest version of Microsoft Authenticator.

Via: windowscentral