Intel Habana Labs was attacked by ransomware and stolen 53GB of data

Habana Lab is a data center deep learning acceleration chip manufacturer from Israel, which Intel acquired in 2019 for US$2 billion.

Iranian ransomware developer, Pay2Key recently announced that it has successfully compromised the Habana laboratory and stole 53GB of data from the laboratory.

While stealing data, a large number of the company’s servers have been encrypted by ransomware. If Intel does not pay the ransom in time, these confidential data will be made public.

It is said that the data stolen this time includes some regular data, confidential data, and some account passwords of the Habana laboratory, which may cause major problems if it is made public.

Intel Habana Labs ransomware

The hacker group did not disclose how much ransom needs to be paid by Intel or the Habana Lab, but it emphasized that related companies must contact them within 72 hours.

If there is no active contact for more than time, all data will be made public, but for now, Intel and Habana Lab have not acted.

The Pay2Key responsible for the attack seems to be a new ransomware developer. This name only appeared in the domain name registration database in June this year.

The actual attack time was in October this year. Since October this year, Pay2Key ransomware and its related variants have gradually become active on the Internet.

Although the hacker group has not yet clearly stated how much ransom is required from Intel, the group usually asks the victim for a ransom of 7 to 9 bitcoins.

This is much cheaper than the previous ransomware ransoms against Advantech and Foxconn subsidiaries. Those hacker groups often demand hundreds of millions of ransoms.

Of course, whether Intel or Habana Labs will pay the ransom is still unknown, but even if they choose to pay the ransom, Intel or Habana Labs is estimated that they will not say it publicly.

Via: bleepingcomputer