Tue. Jun 2nd, 2020

If JavaScript is disabled on web browser, Google will no longer allow you to log in

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Google yesterday announced four new security features for protecting Google accounts, not only to enhance the protection before and after users log in but also to recover from hackers.

The first, if the user disables JavaScript in the browser, Google will not allow the user to log in. Google uses JavaScript to perform risk analysis on users accessing the login page. If JS is disabled, the intruder can escape the check. 

The second, Google will list all malware installed on the user’s mobile phone in the official Google Play security scanner, Google Play Protect. 

The third, Google will list all third-party apps and websites that are authorized to access users’ Google data in a security check to alert users. “We already notify you when you’ve granted access to sensitive information — like Gmail data or your Google Contacts — to third-party sites or apps, and in the next few weeks, we’ll expand this to notify you whenever you share any data from your Google Account,” Skelker explained today in a blog post.

The fourth, this item is for the recovery link after the account is invaded. It’s a new program that regains access and reprotects damaged profiles. In addition to helping users regain access to their accounts, they can also help them view financial activities related to Google Pay accounts and see additions to Gmail or Drive. New files, as well as other accounts that protect other services, are bound to the main Google account.

Via: ZDNet