Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

Iranian hackers begin retaliation against U.S. government website after Trump launches airstrike

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After Trump directed U.S. forces to launch an airstrike against an Iranian leader, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency warned that a cyberattack could occur. Of course, the cyber attack here naturally refers to revenge from Iran. Only the day after this warning was issued, suspected Iranian hacker groups began to launch cyberattacks on the official websites of US government departments or their affiliates.

The US Federal Depository Library Project website, which was established by the US Congress, was temporarily offline recently. The reason for the offline was that the homepage of the website was replaced by hackers with revenge content. A hacker group named “Iran Cyber Security Group HackerS” has claimed responsibility for the incident, but the group or the name has not appeared in other attacks before. Therefore, the security agency speculated that this may be a solo or hacker group from Iranian civilians, and the purpose of the attack is very obvious, that is, retaliation against airstrikes. The hacker stated on the page that the attack was only a small part of the Iranian attack, and more hackers from Iran will participate in the attack and will not stop.

The United States Federal Depository Library Project website is just a very ordinary government website. Its website structure is simple and it does not store any possible confidential data. Therefore, this attack did not bring any actual losses. The US government-owned website will resume after the attack is stopped or server maintenance is completed. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) confirmed the site was attacked but emphasized that there was no evidence that this was a cyber attack from Iranian or Iranian officials. At the same time, this cyber attack is more symbolic and not targeted at this library project website. After all, even if the website is down, the impact will be small. However, DHS also pointed out that there may be more attacks from Iran next. It may be targeted at US government agencies or it may be targeted at US companies.

Via: dailymail