Intel executives design life-size Lego model of the Intel Arc A750 graphics card

Recently, a live broadcast on the Discord channel of the Intel Insiders Community featured a program about Intel Arc graphics cards and Lego. The protagonist is Zach Hill, the marketing director of Intel Arc Graphics tech, and also a Lego fan.

According to Tomshardware, for the past six months, Zach Hill has been using the huge library of LEGO bricks available in the software in his spare time to simulate a 1:1 or life-size model Intel Arc A750 graphics card. Hill used the BrickLink Studio software, which is a free software package (LEGO Group owned) that allows 3D building and rendering of projects using the full gamut of LEGO bricks still produced. In other words, the building blocks used in the Lego model made with this software can be found in the Lego building block market. It is understood that Hill has completed 80% of the Lego model.

Hill also discussed with host Bob Duffy whether the 1:1 copy of the Arc A750 graphics card needs to add LED or even RGB lighting effects. The method is also very simple. The Lego building blocks themselves need some transparent and luminous building blocks to use, but there are also problems. When making building block models, there is no suitable space to stuff these luminous building blocks. Later, Hill decided not to use these bricks but instead used silver LEGO bricks.Some netizens expressed whether the Arc A750 graphics card Lego model suit will be mass-produced after the 1:1 copy of the Arc A750 graphics card is completed. Hill said that he didn’t have much interest in this. Instead, he tended to share the models made in BrickLink Studio with interested people, allowing users to buy building blocks to complete the copy of the Lego version of the Arc A750 graphics card. Based on the LEGO models that Hill made, some estimate that 500 to 6,000 bricks are needed and that the bricks will cost about $120 or more, which is half the price of a real Arc A750 graphics card.