EK launched a water block for Intel Arc A750 and A770 graphics cards

EKWB, a well-known PC water cooling manufacturer from Slovenia, recently announced the launch of the EK-Quantum Vector² ARC A750/A770 D-RGB water block. From the name, it can be seen that the water block is specially designed for Intel Arc A770 and Arc A750 graphics cards.

EK-Quantum Vector² ARC A750/A770 D-RGB has a simple appearance, and the water block is based on the Open Split-Flow design, which can still exert the best heat dissipation performance even at low pump speed. The water block adopts a copper cold plate with a thickness of 11mm, which can provide sufficient heat dissipation capacity for the graphics card, power supply module, and video memory. The water cooling supports D-RGB. In order to improve the uniformity and brightness of the light, the lamp beads and PCB adopt a hidden design.

EK-Quantum Vector² ARC A750/A770 D-RGB is also equipped with a fully covered black back panel processed by CNC anodizing process. It is fixed with nickel-plated screws, which are in contact with the base of the water block and wraps the entire graphics card. This design can improve heat transfer efficiency and further enhance heat dissipation performance.

At present, the water block solution has been pre-sold, priced at $249.99, and is expected to be shipped in mid-December 2022.
Intel Arc A770 and Arc A750 went on sale on October 12 this year. Both graphics cards use TSMC 6nm process, the core architecture is Xe-HPG, and the TDP is 225W. Among them, the Arc A750 has 28 Xe-Cores, 28 ray tracing units, and a base clock is 2050MHz; Arc A770 has 32 Xe-Cores, 32 ray tracing units, and a base clock of 2100MHz.