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Intel ARC A750 8GB

Intel confirms that ARC A770/A750 will be launched soon

Recently, Tom Petersen, Intel’s academician in charge of graphics technology innovation, and Ryan Shrout, director of GPU business marketing, were interviewed by PC Games Hardware and Digital Foundry, confirming that two mid-to-high-end Alchemist (DG2)...

Intel Arc A750 performance

Intel released the performance of the Arc A750 GPU

Intel’s Arc A380 desktop discrete graphics card has been lifted at the end of June. As a new force in the independent graphics market, the first entry-level graphics card is indeed a bit unattractive....

Intel ARC A750

Intel ARC A750 graphics card exposures

Intel released the Intel Arc brand Alchemist (DG2) discrete graphics card at the end of March, but only last month did it officially launch its first desktop-oriented product, the A380, an entry-level graphics card....