This year’s Street Fighter 5 competition has a prize pool of $300,000

Capcom holds a fighting game competition called the “Capcom Cup” every year, and the projects are all its most representative games. Street Fighter V, Capcom’s flagship product, landed on the PC and PlayStation platforms respectively.
According to The Verge, Capcom’s “Capcom Cup” competition this year will be held entirely on the PC platform when the top Street Fighter V players will compete for a $300,000 prize. Capcom stated that an e-sports display with a refresh rate of 144Hz was used in the competition to better display the strength of the players, but Capcom did not provide specific PC configuration information.

It is understood that the main reason for completely switching to the PC platform is to reduce input lag, which is very necessary for professional players of fighting games. In fighting games, higher latency can greatly affect the outcome of a match. Although PlayStation 4 is the platform of choice for Street Fighter V competitions, the input lag problem of PlayStation 4 has been criticized by Street Fighter V players for a long time. Even the latest PlayStation 5 has the same problem.
Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many Street Fighter 5 players have switched to the PC platform to better compete online due to the cancellation of quite a few offline games. The problem with the PC platform is that different configurations, devices, and drivers may all have an impact on input lag. For games with many players, the complete consistency of the machines may not be guaranteed. For event organizers, it is much more difficult to use PCs than game consoles to achieve a completely fair competition environment.

This year’s competition will start on February 12th, and it may be the last time Street Fighter V will appear in the Capcom Cup, many players hope to end in the best way. The new “Street Fighter” series Street Fighter VI is coming soon, and Capcom is also making final preparations.