Sun. Jun 7th, 2020

Google may force Android phone manufacturers to print “easy access to Google apps” on new phones

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Google will force OEMs equipped with Android to mention “easy access to Google apps” on new phones. According to information from the XDA-Developers, a line of words has been printed on the side of the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro in parts of Europe: “easy access to the Google apps you use most“.

Xiaomi claims that in the future, Google will force all of its Android partners to accept these word lines. Xiaomi says:

We have noticed that there is a discussion on the latest copy of the packaging of Xiaomi mobile phone overseas market. In order to avoid misunderstanding, the explanation is as follows:

  • This copy is from the promotion requirements of the partners in the latest cooperation agreement, similar to the “power by android” displayed on the Android phone and the “intel inside” on the computer.
  • Because the previous version of the agreement between Xiaomi and its partners has expired, Xiaomi becomes the first batch of contracted manufacturers of the new version of the cooperation agreement, and is also the first manufacturer to release new products after it becomes effective.
  • We hope that global mobile phone manufacturers can cooperate smoothly with all partners to create a richer ecosystem.

Via: xda-developer