Google launches the Android 11 public beta

According to previous plans, Google should launch the public beta version of Android 11 at the end of last month, but for various reasons, Google has postponed the planned release time twice.

And now Google has finally launched a new public beta version and has begun to push to some supported models. The main device to get the push is the Google Pixel series.

Android 11 picture-in-picture

In fact, Google is also preparing to hold a press conference when the public beta is released. The originally planned press conference may involve new models of the Google Pixel 4 series.

However, because of the impact of the coronavirus epidemic and because of the protests in various states in the United States, the original press conference was also canceled directly after the release of the Android 11 public beta.

At present, Google Pixel 2 series, 3 series, and 4 series models can apply for public beta. Interested users can click here to join the Android beta preview program.