December 5, 2020

Google blocked 18 million malicious emails related to the coronavirus epidemic

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The spread of the new coronavirus epidemic has led many technology companies to face the security threat of criminals taking advantage of the opportunity and gain profits. In addition to spreading false information and causing people to mistrust, there is a health risk. The malicious ransomware used the coronavirus epidemic to earn a large sum of money from institutions such as hospitals, government departments, and companies.

Fortunately, the major technology companies start to action. They actively adopted advanced technical forces to fight against attackers. Last week, Facebook took relevant measures to limit the spread of fake news. Now they will directly push the information dispelled by the World Health Organization to users who have previously read the fake news.

Gmail TensorFlow
মুহম্মদ রাগিব হাসিন [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons
Google announced a message related to this, the message pointed out that Gmail now blocks more than 100 million phishing emails per day, and last week, Gmail prevented more than 18 million daily related to the new coronavirus. In addition to malicious emails (scam emails and malware), more than 240 million spam emails related to the new coronavirus epidemic are processed every day.

Most of these malicious emails pretending to be the names of authoritative organizations such as the World Health Organization.

IT teams are facing increased pressure to navigate the challenges of COVID-19,” said Kumaran and Lugani in the blog post. “Security is at the top of the priority list, and phishing is still one of the most effective methods that attackers use to compromise accounts and gain access to company data and resources. In fact, bad actors are creating new attacks and scams every day that attempt to take advantage of the fear and uncertainty surrounding the pandemic.

At Google Cloud, we’re committed to protecting our customers from security threats of all types,” they added. “We’ll keep innovating to make our security tools more helpful for users and admins and more difficult for malicious actors to circumvent.”