Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

Google adds 5G+, 5G, and 5Ge icons in Android 11 version

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The US network operator AT&T used to update the operator ’s configuration file to display 5Ge on the user ’s device before the 5G network was officially commercialized.

5Ge refers to the enhanced 4G LTE network, which uses carrier aggregation technology to make 4G LTE AP mode faster than ordinary 4G LTE. But even so, it is still 4G LTE is not a true 5G network, so after AT & T did so, it caused a lot of controversies.

Some developers found that Google will have three types of 5G network logos in the upcoming Android 11 version, and these three types of logos also contain fake 5Ge networks.

Analysis of the source code shows that the Android 11 version has 5G+, 5G, and 5Ge logos, and the network status represented by different logos is also completely different.

Android 11 picture-in-picture

Among them, the 5G+ logo represents a 5G network using a millimeter-wave network, and its speed is relatively faster than other network standard 5G networks, so bring +.

The 5G logo is the most common version but it is also a true 5G network, which represents a standard 5G network speed that is connected to a 5G network below 6GHz.

The last is the fake 5G version of the 5G network logo, which represents a network using 4G LTE Advanced Pro or 3GPP 13 and higher.

The network is based on technologies such as carrier aggregation technology that is faster than ordinary 4G LTE, so the 5Ge logo is displayed on Android version 11.

But for users, it should be clear that the 5Ge logo is a fake 5G network, which is completely a gimmick for operators or the main means for unfair competition.

Via: Neowin