Framework released a 16-inch modular computer

Framework is a manufacturer renowned for producing modular laptops. Their Framework Laptop 13 allows users to replace various components, such as the motherboard and battery. Their most notable feature, however, is their modular I/O interface which allows for flexible configurations of USB Type-A, Type-C, HDMI, DP, MicroSD card readers, and RJ45 Ethernet ports. In reference to the Framework official blog and Liliputing‘s news, Framework has recently released a 16-inch laptop with an even higher degree of modularity.

From the thicker body shown in the image, it is evident that the Framework Laptop 16 emphasizes high performance. It features a modular discrete graphics card that utilizes a unique interface to connect to the body, with a speed of up to PCIe x8. This module can also be replaced with other devices, such as a dual M.2 SSD expansion card. Framework states that they have open-sourced the relevant documents, enabling developers to create a variety of expansion cards for this laptop.

In addition, the C-panel of the Framework Laptop 16 is also modular. This area is divided into three specifications: Small, Medium (Numpad Modules), and Large (Keyboard Modules). Many of the Small module options enable color customization, but it’s also possible to build functional modules like an LED Matrix or haptic slider. For Medium modules, in addition to numpads, secondary displays, and macro pads are workable. For Large modules, we’re developing both regular backlit keyboards in a range of languages and an RGB backlit version.

Lastly, let us turn to the I/O interface, which we introduced at the beginning of the article. The Framework Laptop 16’s customizable I/O modules can reach up to six, thereby increasing its versatility.

Framework states that detailed information about this laptop, such as its configuration and price, will be announced in the spring and pre-orders will be opened simultaneously. The specific shipping time of the device is expected to be later this year. The main point of this release is actually towards the developer community. Framework hopes to release the design drawings in advance, allowing developers to create more possibilities for the Framework Laptop 16.