Dr. Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD, discusses the most crucial aspect of the next decade: AI

Recently, Adobe held a summit during which they unveiled a new generative AI tool called “Firefly.” This tool can complete a variety of tasks, including image generation, model construction, image editing, and graphic processing, by relying on text information related to the input. The Firefly beta version is now officially open to the public, and users can experience two functions: text-generated images and graphic fonts.

During the Adobe summit, its CEO, Shantanu Narayen, and Dr. Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, held a conversation to hear each other’s views on artificial intelligence (AI). Dr. Su believes that AI is the most critical aspect of the next decade and will help humans improve productivity. AI is just as important for AMD as it is for other companies and can be used to enhance enterprise productivity and provide more advantages.

Dr. Su mentioned that he considers AI from two perspectives. One is the AI hidden behind data analysis, knowing how to use it more effectively. Currently, only a portion of its potential has been released, and some AI tools, like an assistant, can help solve some problems. Collecting data and training are needed to work around it, with thousands of GPUs and CPUs providing a large amount of computing power to complete the process.

In Dr. Su’s view, AI is still in its early stages. There is still much work to be done to increase productivity by 50% or even 80%.

Furthermore, AI has not yet achieved everything. AMD is producing chips that integrate over 100 billion transistors, which takes approximately three years from scratch. AI can be an essential tool to help developers shorten the time by half or ensure that it is 100% available on the first day, simplifying the development process, which will have enormous commercial value.

Dr. Su believes that AI is not a substitute, but a real discussion of enhancement and productivity, allowing everyone in the room to be faster, better, and stronger.