Adobe introduces Firefly, an automatic generative artificial intelligence technology

Adobe recently announced the introduction of “Firefly,” an automatic generative artificial intelligence technology, set to be integrated into services such as Creative Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Document Cloud.

Firefly boasts semantic understanding and image recognition capabilities, composed of multiple AI computation models. It enables the swapping of image objects and backgrounds in software like Photoshop and Illustrator, or the automatic generation of images based on textual descriptions.

Currently, in the testing phase, Adobe is now inviting all users to apply for testing access, although specific pricing and the anticipated official launch date have not been disclosed. The company indicates that this technology will be widely employed in Creative Cloud services, including Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as Experience Cloud and Document Cloud services.

Users who prefer not to have their personal creations utilized for AI training can manually adjust their settings to prevent Adobe services from using their work, uploaded to Creative Cloud or other services, for training purposes.

Additionally, Adobe has explained that Firefly will become a component of the new AI service “Sensei.” Besides being trained on Adobe’s proprietary large language model, Sensei also incorporates OpenAI’s artificial intelligence technology, assisting users in rapid content creation and marketing data analysis applications.