Framework launches Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition

Framework notebooks are favored by many computer players with their unique self-configured hardware, as well as DIY upgradeable CPU and motherboard designs. Even Linus Tech Tips, the top Internet celebrity in the PC DIY world, invested and became one of their shareholders. Now Framework has also won a partnership with Google to launch a Chromebook version of the Framework notebook.

Image: Framework

Since Framework’s notebook itself uses Intel’s x86 platform, it is certainly not too difficult to convert to a Chromebook of the same platform. However, with the official support of Google on the pre-installed operating system, it can still provide a more stable and compatible ChromeOS system experience. And Google also promised to provide up to 8 years of security patch upgrade support for the Framework.

This Chromebook version will be fully equipped with the features of a Framework notebook, including replaceable interface modules, the screen and motherboard are replaceable and upgradeable, and it is even simpler to add memory and SSD. It’s just that there will be a ChromeOS logo to distinguish it from the normal version. Framework will have a QR code on each part, which is convenient for users to find parts for future maintenance and upgrades.

Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition is currently available for pre-order starting at $999. Like the normal version, it has been upgraded to the 12th generation platform, with Intel Core i5-1240P as standard, with 8GB DDR4-3200 memory and 256GB SSD. This configuration is considered high-end in the Chromebook market, which is dominated by entry-level hardware, but buyers cannot choose a higher CPU by themselves. The screen is 13.5 inches, 2K, 3:2 ratio, the body defaults to 4 USB-C interface modules, and so on.