Microsoft releases Fluent XAML Theme Editor Preview

Fluent XAML Theme Editor

At the Developers Conference earlier this year (Build 2018), Microsoft showed developers the Fluent XAML theme editor application. After waiting a few months, the company finally released its first preview versionIt is reported that developers will be able to put a Fluent design style for their applications quickly. For example, specify three main tones for the “bright” and “black” themes, and then pick some of the spaces or borders in the app to select a secondary colour.

The Fluent XAML Theme Editor – a tool that helps demonstrate the flexibility of the Fluent Design System as well as supports the app development process by generating XAML markup for our ResourceDictionary framework used in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications.

This application requires Visual Studio 2017 Update 4 or higher and the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) version 17744 or higher for Windows 10.