Intel released Graphics Drivers version for Windows 10

Intel Management Engine vulnerability

Intel has released a new version of the driver for the Windows 10 platform. The Graphics Drivers version is The driver is mainly to optimise the rendering and performance of some games.

Of course, the new version optimises game performance is not the focus of our attention, and this new version of the driver has not added any new features.

Intel Management Engine vulnerability

We know that Intel’s graphics driver package includes an audio driver, and this time the new graphics driver has downgraded the audio driver.¬†Intel released the audio driver earlier, and these drivers were also integrated into the graphics driver package for release.

The embarrassing thing is that the latest graphics card driver downgraded the audio driver to version, and Intel did not explain the specific reasons.

After looking up the release log, we found that the original new audio driver does not seem to be compatible with Windows 10 Version 1809 and may have unexpected problems.

That is, for the new version of Windows 10 compatible, Intel directly chooses to downgrade the driver instead of developing an audio driver that is compatible with the latest version.