Alert Center ships with G-Suite to help detect and reduce security threats

Alert Center

Google has opened the Alert Center feature for all G-Suite administrators, providing them with security-related notifications, alerts, actions, and more to make it easier to protect companies and organisations from security threats through the Google Admin Control Center.

Previously, G Suite’s Alert Center was only open to administrators participating in beta projects, primarily sending notifications about security threats, monitoring, and critical system alerts.¬†Through the Alert Center, G Suite administrators can view all security notifications through a unified view, including options for Gmail phishing and malware, account alerts, and device management.

According to Google’s blog post, account warnings primarily warn administrators of various events, including accounts that were suspended due to suspicious activity, and government-supported attack alerts.¬†Gmail phishing and malware use machine learning to automatically detect multiple cyber threats and discover potential malware threats in real time, and the alert center uses the collected information to display all potential phishing incidents.