The founder of Android plans to launch an AI phone

AI phone

Andy Rubin, the founder of the Android operating system, has left Google. After leaving Google, Rubin set up the Essential Phone mobile phone brand. But as you know, despite the excellent reputation of Andy Rubin, Essential Phone has not caused much attention in the market.

Earlier, there was even an embarrassing situation in which Essential Phone was facing bankruptcy, but Andy Rubin has not yet given up this mobile phone brand.

Image: By Yoichiro Akiyama from Tokyo, Japan (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

The bigger the smartphone screen, the better?

Today’s smartphone screens have grown from the previous 3.7 inches to 6.5 inches, and the large screen based on touch screens is indeed an experience advantage.

However, Android founder Andy Rubin does not seem to think that this is a very high-profile idea, so he is preparing to develop a smaller smartphone with a screen device.

Of course, since the products released against the trend are naturally different from our ideas, because this is a device driven entirely by artificial intelligence.

Automatically help you get back text messages and emails and even appointments:

The equipment that Rubin plans to launch will be entirely driven by artificial intelligence technology. Rubin hopes that artificial intelligence technology can help users solve more trivial matters.

The goal of the new device is to prioritise voice interaction to control the device, that is while using artificial intelligence, I also hope that you become a person who does not know how to handle it.

The artificial intelligence technology integrated by Rubin plan is like the protagonist in science fiction movies, which can help you automatically reply to SMS emails and even help you to date.

It sounds like this is something that can’t be done temporarily, but Rubin is dangerous, so he has already cut off all the unrelated projects of his company and concentrated.

Doubt and morality:

Most of the netizens are very suspicious of Rubin’s plan. After all, artificial intelligence technology seems to be unable to achieve the effect of science fiction movies.

So if Rubin can launch the device as mentioned above, I believe it will put pressure on all the smartphones on the market.

Of course, some netizens pay more attention to privacy and moral issues. This is not aimed at Andy Rubin but for now prevalent artificial intelligence technology.

For example, artificial intelligence that can help you automatically return text messages and emails must be sure to collect user habits and private information and the tone of speech in advance.

Via: Bloomberg