Firefox Send was suspended due to hackers abuse to spread malware

Firefox Send is a temporary file transfer service launched by Mozilla. Anyone can upload files and generate links to share with others for free download.

This temporary file transfer service has neither advertising nor speed limit nor payment, so it is welcomed by users in various countries and regions around the world after its launch.

According to the regulations of the Mozilla, the maximum upload file size is 1GB and provides link clearing, validity period, and password services. The expired files will be automatically deleted and cannot be downloaded.

In recent months, a large number of users have discovered that hackers use Firefox Send to send malware, and hackers generate share links for sending them to users for phishing.

Firefox Send

These malware and Trojan viruses are usually uploaded and shared in the form of compressed packages. Some users will decompress and execute the malware after they see it, and the malware will be installed and run.

Statistics show that hackers use Firefox Send to store many types of malware, including ransomware, banking Trojans, and spy tools.

At present, Mozilla has added a report button on the sharing and download pages, but this has little effect on curbing abuse, so Mozilla decided to suspend services.

Firefox Send has suspended the service and can no longer upload new files. The files that have been uploaded can continue to download after the expiry date and stop downloading.

Via: ZDNet