Centre Approaches High Court to prevent potential lifting of the ban on Chinese apps

The Indian government previously banned many popular applications from China on the grounds of jeopardizing national security and sovereign integrity. These applications are currently unavailable in India.

Many popular applications including ByteDance, Alibaba, and Tencent are banned, and the Indian government instructed local operators to block application connections through the backbone network.

The ban was made by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of India, and the blocked application developers have the right to appeal disputes to the Indian High Court.

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According to media reports, the Indian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, which represents the Indian government, has submitted a request to the Rajasthan High Court in India to stop any challenges.

The challenge here refers to the possibility that a blocked developer may appeal to the court to lift the injunction, which is regarded as a challenge by the Indian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

The Indian government requires the Rajasthan High Court to do nothing before hearing the opinion of the Indian government, that is, to wait for further notice from the Indian government department.

In the document, the Indian government also stated that the ban on these applications is to protect the interests of Indian mobile and Internet users and ensure the security and sovereign integrity of the Indian cyberspace.