Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Android 11 let’s the user does not automatically connect to certain WiFi

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Most network devices will remember the password after connecting to a wireless network for the first time and automatically connect the next time, which may be a good strategy for most users.

After all, this does not require users to actively query the wireless network and connect again, but Apple has provided the function of not automatically connecting to the wireless network in iOS very early.

That is, for specific wireless network hotspots, it can be configured not to automatically connect, and the system will only connect to this network hotspot after the user manually clicks Connect when checking manually.

Now Google also provides similar functions in the Android system. You can configure which networks can be automatically connected and which networks must be confirmed by the user before connecting.

By default, the Android system will automatically connect to all known wireless hotspots, that is, the wireless network will be saved as long as the Android system is connected, so Android devices will automatically connect next time.

If you do not connect automatically, you need Android 11 or later. After users connect to a hotspot and click the option, you can see that automatic connection is turned on in the list.

If the user does not need to automatically connect to this hotspot, then close the automatic connection. This function cannot be batch operated and can only configure known hotspots one by one.

Via: androidpolice