Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

Firefox nightly build added picture-in-picture feature

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Previously, Google Chrome had added a picture-in-picture mode. At present, Firefox is also interested in this function, so it is also open. At present, you can see the picture-in-picture related options in the latest version of the Firefox browser nightly build version. Users can use this option manually. However, we have been tested and found that the current part of the function is not very stable, and the projected picture-in-picture video may be stuck or black.

Mozilla give up Gecko

Improvements to the current picture-in-picture mode by Google Chrome plan include adding a progress bar and a play and pause button in a separate projection window. The current picture-in-picture mode of Firefox is similar to that of Google Chrome. It is a simple window with no control buttons except for dragging.

How to enable picture-in-picture feature

In the address bar of the latest version of the Firefox browser nightly version, type about:config and press Enter. If you encounter the prompt, please click I already know to skip.

Then enter the following in the search box, click the end of the toggle button after finding the corresponding option, click on the switch to open the experimental function.


Via: techdows