Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

Firefox bugs can cause browsers and even the entire operating system to crash directly

2 min read

When you repeatedly click on a download link on Google Chrome, a pop-up prompt asks if you want to allow the corresponding website domain to download multiple files at the same time.

Because if you allow websites to download repeatedly, there may be potential problems, such as the Firefox browser found repeated downloads this time lead to crashes.

Since Firefox does not prohibit websites from being downloaded repeatedly, researchers have created scripts to send instructions that require the browser to download files every millisecond.

The download frequency per millisecond will generate many download processes that consume memory, and then Firefox will become severely stuck until the entire interface is stuck.

Of course, this is not the worst result. If the stuck Firefox can still respond, it will continue to download and continue to consume memory until the entire operating system crashes completely.

At present, all versions of Firefox, including the official release, the beta version, and the nightly build version, are affected by this issue. Of course, it may be a prank to use this kind of attack.

Browser killer project:

If you think that all browsers except Firefox are safe, then it is wrong. Every browser has such a potential problem.

To this end, the researchers created a new dedicated website to show examples of exploiting browser vulnerabilities or bugs and clicking on the corresponding code will crash.

For example, Google Chrome clicks on a specific code, and it will cause too many problems in the process. Then there will be a complete crash like Firefox.

Unless you are testing in a virtual machine, please do not click on the attack code of the corresponding browser in this website.