Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

Mozilla released Firefox Reality web browser

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Mozilla released Firefox Reality 1.0 on Tuesday, a web browser designed for stand-alone virtual reality and augmented reality. The browser is now available in the Viveport, Oculus and Daydream app stores. Firefox Reality enables users to move between 2D websites and immersive web experiences. As Mozilla said in his April work on the browser, the browser is open source, enabling manufacturers to add browsers to their platforms.

Firefox Reality

According to Mozilla, the first version answers some questions about what it should be like to browse the web in VR. Firefox Reality gives you the option to use the keyboard, while the browser enables voice search because entering text is not easy.

Mozilla engineers must also build environments for their users. Even if the environment is basically independent of the browsing experience, the user will feel uncomfortable surrounded by black space. The browser gives the user the choice of environment they want. Users can also adjust the screen size or brightness. Mozilla said it will add new features to the browser “at a steady pace”, including support for bookmarks, 360 videos and accounts. The company also works with creators to ensure users can browse VR content such as games, videos and experiences.