Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Chrome will allow users to download edited PDF files

1 min read

Many people like to use the Chrome browser to view PDF documents or edit them, but these edited contents cannot be saved by Chrome so far, and people can only download to the original PDF version without modification.

Of course, there is currently a way to borrow the print function of Chrome and save the edited version as PDF. However, this does not provide the best user experience, and Google has begun to resolve this matter.

Chrome Story recently discovered a code change request for UI changes that will allow users to choose to download edited or original versions of PDF files.

“PDF Viewer: Add UI to download edited PDF

  • Add action menu providing options to download the original or edited
  • Menu only is shown if there are edits and the “SaveEditedPDFForm”
    feature is enabled.”

On the bug report page about this new feature, the developer provided a screenshot:Download Edited PDF Chrome

This new feature will probably start to appear in the upcoming Google Chrome Canary version, and the stable version will have to wait a few months.