Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

Chrome for Android has a critical bug

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Google Chrome has launched the Google Chrome version 79 stable version of last week, which brings a lot of detailed improvements and enhanced security features. However, the recent situation of Google Chrome is somewhat similar to that of Microsoft’s monthly updates. Frequent crashes are one of the most frequent issues with Google Chrome, especially on Windows 10 platforms.

Google Chrome 70

After the release of the new version, Google received feedback from some Android users that the data was cleared. The problem of data being emptied is mainly because Google recently adjusted the storage location of the data. This adjustment did not delete the data but made the data inaccessible. After installing Google Chrome on some native Android systems, it will automatically take over system-level operation permissions and become the default WebView rendering engine for Android.

Many applications that rely on this rendering engine will store their data in the specified location by default, but the data and database files are not migrated correctly after the new version upgrade. It is also the case that these applications that rely on the rendering engine have data being emptied. Unfortunately, for the user, there is no good way to solve it for the time being. At present, Google Chrome has temporarily stopped pushing the new official version to the Android platform. It is expected that a new version may be released this week or next week to fix the problem.

Via: 9to5google