China Mobile’s internal data forecast new iPhone XS series price and time to market

China Mobile’s internal data forecast new iPhone XS series price and time to market

Apple will officially announce the new iPhone XS series of equipment at the press conference next week, but China Mobile’s internal information has leaked specific prices.

Most of the data in China Mobile’s internal data use the expected term, so this data may also be derived from the disclosure of information on the technology website.

A variety of different sizes and models:

The devices released by Apple will include a 5.8-inch iPhone XS device with an OLED screen and a 6.5-inch iPhone XSP device with an OLED display.

At the same time, both iPhone XS and iPhone XSP are dual-card dual-standby products. The devices mentioned above in China Mobile’s internal data are called high-end series devices.

There is also an iPhone XC device that has been reduced to a cheaper version by China Mobile. Although it is a 6.1-inch TFT-LCD, it has a lower pixel density.

Image: Weibo User @盖乐世周维


Starting price and release time:

The release date is expected to be the same as in previous years, starting from September 21st, among which the iPhone XS and iPhone XSP, both of which are dual-card dual-standby OLED screens, are the first to be launched.

The iPhone XC with a 6.1-inch single-card version of the TFT-LCD screen will be a few months later, while the 4G+ version of the network may take up to three months to go public.

Regarding price, China Mobile gave the starting price of the iPhone XS 7388 yuan ($1079), iPhone XSP 8388 yuan ($1225) and iPhone XC 5888 yuan ($860).

Whether the specific information is accurate or not only requires us to wait patiently for the next Wednesday morning to be announced, and once again emphasize that this is only the internal forecast data of China Mobile.

Via: MacRumors