Microsoft releases FLIGHT HUB tool for Windows Insiders to quickly identify the latest Insider Preview releases

Microsoft now offers new tools to keep users up-to-date with the latest version. Brandon Leblanc, the senior project manager for Windows Insider, launches a new tool to make it easier for Insider members to understand and track the latest version. The tool is actually a website, which Leblanc calls “Flight Hub.” The goal of this site is to provide […]

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Fedora 25

Fedora 25 will be stopped to support on December 12 this year

On November 22 last year, Fedora 25 officially launched, is the first Fedora version of Wayland as the default display server, the new Fedora Media Writer also appeared for the first time in Fedora 25. A year later, when Fedora 25 arrived and said goodbye to us, the distribution will be discontinued on December 12 and […]

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Ubuntu Unity

Ubuntu Unity is expected to reproduce in an unofficial branch

After seven years of development, Canonical has decided to relinquish the Unity desktop to the GNOME desktop environment in the future. However, some Unity loyal users are still unable to accept this decision, hoping to return to the way through the unofficial branch. Ubuntu forum user Dale Beaudoin launched a survey last week in the Ubuntu […]

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file sharing MacOs high sierra

Apple release the security patch to fix root vulnerability and file sharing in MacOs high sierra

Apple pushed macOS security update early this morning to fix the root login vulnerability. However, shortly afterward, some users found that there was a problem with the system’s file sharing after updating the security patch. Apple emergency response is given solution. Some users found that file sharing authentication between multiple Macs failed after installing the Apple-promoted Security Update […]

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skype facebook login

Skype will stop to support Facebook account login in January 2018

If you log in using Facebook through your Facebook account, you need to change your login method from now on. Microsoft officials today issued a statement saying they will stop supporting this feature in January 2018.   Obviously, the company prefers users to log in through Microsoft accounts, and they can experience many company services such as Office 365, Xbox Live […]

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Linux Benchmark

Linux Enterprise Distribution Benchmark: CentOS and Ubuntu were Defeated

Linux technology site Phoronix recently conducted a new benchmark for mainstream Linux distributions comparing the out-of-box performance of six Linux distributions. They let the distribution run a series of enterprise / workstation-based benchmarks simultaneously on two machines (systems). The machines are the high-end Core i9 7980XE desktop system and the Tyan 1U Xeon scalable server with dual Xeon Gold 6138 […]

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